Letter from the Principal

Amy S. Meehan

Dear Colegrove Students, Families, Faculty & Staff:

The Colegrove Park Elementary School teaching and learning community strives to educate the whole child by promoting academic excellence and fostering a culture of equity and inquiry. We are excited to support each child’s unique journey with respect to school readiness, the acquisition, and application of key knowledge and skills, and the exploration of their future pathways towards high school, college and career readiness.

A central theme for our work at Colegrove Park Elementary School this year is to ignite a spirit of thinking and a growth mindset. Our faculty and staff will be exploring conversations about having a growth mindset both for themselves and for our students. In simple terms, a growth mindset is a belief that all people can grow and learn by developing their abilities through embracing challenges, taking academic risks, as well as making and learning from mistakes. To this end, engaging learning tasks focused on content standards, skills, and social-emotional competencies hold the key to unlock and fulfill the human potential of our students.

We invite families, students and community agencies to take part in collaborative partnerships to support the growth of our teaching and learning community, as well as engage in dialogue for school-based change and improvements to enhance achievement for all learners. A school priority is to develop, maintain and enrich home-to-school relationships, via open and frequent communication. We look forward to sharing the responsibility of the success and well-being of your child, and hope to see you at our school events; volunteering; joining our PTG and/or serving as a member of the Colegrove Park School Council.

Should you have any questions or concerns, at any time, please contact your child’s teacher or myself as needed. Last, in the spirit of growth mindset, a quote from Dr. Seuss we can apply daily at Colegrove Park Elementary School: “You are off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”


Amy S. Meehan