North Adams Public Schools offering free dinner meals to children

North Adams Public Schools will offer free dinners to all children in the city, starting Monday.

The curbside grab-and-go program will operate out of Brayton Elementary School between 4:30 and 5 p.m., the district announced on Thursday. All children in North Adams under the age of 18 are eligible, Superintendent Barbara Malkas told The Eagle.

Malkas said that the district will continue to offer meals “as long as we have sufficient numbers to support the program.”

The December menu can be found at Meals include pasta, pizza, tacos and more. Each dinner is also served with fat-free chocolate milk, vegetables and fruit.

The free suppers kick into gear just before the district’s new hybrid after-school program starts, which means some students will be on campus in the evenings.

The first session of the remote 21st Century Afterschool Program runs from Dec. 14 through mid-February. Parents must enroll their children in the program by Friday and can find the link at or email questions to Noella Carlow at

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