Dear Staff Members, Parents/Guardians, and Students

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022 shortly after dismissal Colegrove Park Elementary School followed the protocol for a school wide lockdown procedure. The North Adams Police Department had received a communication of a possible threat specific to the school vicinity. The only students still on campus at the time of the lockdown were 33 students waiting to be transported to Brayton Elementary School for the 21st Century After-School Program and 2 students and a guardian for a late dismissal. The students were placed into a secure and safe location of the building and supervised by staff. All staff were asked to shelter in-place and no one was allowed to enter or exit the building and all doors remained secured. The after-school bus was held at the Dufour facility. Children and other adults located on the playground were moved inside for safety. The North Adams Police Department was able to determine the location of the communication and identify the juvenile responsible in less than 30 minutes. The incident was determined to be a prank.

The implementation of our emergency operating procedures and the coordination of the school staff with the North Adams Police Department was tested during this situation, and I am happy to say, was executed with professionalism and efficiency. At no time were any students in danger; however, the juvenile involved will be officially reported. While the intent may have been seen as a prank, we take the disruption to the normal operation of our schools very seriously. Students need to be made aware that even the threat of harm causes harm to the psychological safety of staff and students. We will work with our community partners in law enforcement to ensure that our schools remain safe spaces for all of our students and staff members. Thank you to Principal Meehan and Dean Slocum for their leadership and to the staff of Colegrove Elementary School for remaining calm and following protocol. And a special thank you to the North Adams Police Department for their swift and immediate action.


Dr. Barbara Malkas